Friday, April 3, 2009

April 3

Hello, old friends... I've missed you.

If you had asked me last summer about running, I'd have barely mustered an enthusiastic response. Then I found out I was pregnant and spent the better part of July, August and September on the verge of throwing up... which isn't exactly the time you'd want to lace up the running shoes and go out for a trot. My running shoes had barely been broken in before receiving the baby news. (Don't let the dirt on the shoes fool you ... they got that way not from working out, rather as I took the trash to the curb one soggy, autumn evening.) Ever since, they've been nothing more than a pair of shoes I could slide into and walk around comfortably.

Having a nausea-induced hiatus from running last summer has refreshed and renewed my passion for the sport. On the few "nice" days we enjoyed as winter loosened its icy grip, I'd see runners out on the roads, all done up in spandex and fleece. I couldn't help but feel a tiny bit jealous; then I'd run my hand over the bump on my belly and know I would eventually get back to the roadwork.

I was given my official "medical release" yesterday, and have already begun planning my training schedule -- in moderation, of course. Basically, start back at square one (ironic, isn't it?) with a light training schedule, stopping immediately in the event of abdominal pain. I can handle that.

Jeff and I are planning to join Lindy and Ryan for the local half marathon in September. While I'd love to say I want to post a personal best time, I'd be quite happy finishing with a respectable time. Lindy suggested matching shirts, putting our accomplishment in perspective. Mine would read, "Had a baby." Ryan's would read, "Had back surgery." Lindy said hers should read, "Former lover of 'lazy'" and Jeff could wear one that reads, "My friends are back there somewhere!" Personally, I think Lindy's should read, "The finish line had BETTER be @ Starbuck's!"

The saying may be, "No pain, no gain," but if you can't keep a sense of humor through the pain,... what's the point?

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Lindy said...

so, what, now I'm committed? lol!! I better start now.

HEY - made the blog two days in a row, that's awesome! :)