Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1

At just 4 weeks and 3 days, Bobby slept through the night last night.

Yes, and then he got up, changed his own diaper, warmed his own bottle and brought me coffee in bed.

April Fool!

Of course Bobby didn't sleep through the night. I sure didn't sleep through the night. Not that the little nugget knows what today is, or how to prank someone, but he was raising hell 15 minutes ago and now that I'm up and have his bottle ready,... he's fast asleep again. Hahaha! April Fool, Mommy!

One of the most benign April Fool's Day jokes I've ever heard was by a little girl in the neighborhood where I grew up. I was about 13, so Tammy must've been about 6 or 7. She gleefully skipped around telling people, "Your teeth are upside down!" Adorable.

I thought briefly about trying to prank someone today. Obviously, the one many wives have attempted is the "Honey, I'm pregnant" trick. I quickly realized I'd never be able to do that with a straight face. Actually, I think I could cry at the mere thought of actually being pregnant again. The possibility of three solid months of morning/noon/night sickness... ummm, no thank you.

I tried thinking of another trick, but to no avail. Perhaps I'm just not a prankster. Don't get me wrong -- I love laughter, comedy and doing fun/crazy things on occasion. It's the "fooling someone" I'm not good at. I don't like to see anyone embarrassed, confused or laughed at, and I'm not wired to be the mastermind behind something like that. Now laughing at myself, well, that's something I've learned to do. And, trust me, I do it a lot. Most times, the laughter is accompanied by hearing Shipley's voice in my head, "Dumbass..." After all, what are best friends for if not to call you out on doing something stupid, and STILL manage to be your friend?

Enjoy your day, and welcome to April. We're that much closer to warmer weather. (At least here in the Midwest we are!)

By the way,... your teeth are upside down.

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