Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Party Recap

I'm not sure how everything eventually came together, but it did. Bobby's "party" was low-key, but I'm sure he had a fabulous time anyway. In an effort to earn my Mother of the Year award this year (and, thusly, drive myself crazy) I was determined to bake him a homemade banana cake (if only to hear him say "nana" a million times over) WITH homemade chocolate frosting. I think I used one too many bananas, because it was more banana bready than cakey. Regardless, it was good. Bobby opened his present from Grandma Bev and Jaja -- some sporty summer clothes. And swim trunks to wear to the pool.

We lit the candle, dimmed the lights and sang Happy Birthday. I had been sitting next to Bobby, and started to see that "I'm-going-to-freak-out" look on his face. So, being the comforting mom I am, I reached over and rubbed his arm and said "It's OK, Bobby" just before he bursts into freaked out tears. However, on the video we shot? All you can see is Bobby sitting there, then I reach over to his arm and the next thing you see is him wailing. It appears as if I reached over and pinched him or something. Nice. And SO not the case. Anyway, he regained his composure and I had to swap spots with Jeff to get photos of him blowing out the candle. There was an issue with my camera flash that was working Jeff's last nerve.

"Oh, I loves CAKE, yes I do! Num-num-num-num."

Bobby's personal sign for "All done." Well said, my little man... well said. Obviously, from the look on his face, he is exhausted and has a belly full of dinner. And cake. Not long after this, he was through the bath, all clean and sweet and zonked out in his crib.

Monday, March 1, 2010

And now he's 1...

Happy Birthday, Bobby!

Fresh out of the oven... 8:10am, March 1, 2009. Uncle Jamie helping out with the oxygen.

*There WAS a photo posted here of me in recovery, with Jeff sitting beside me holding Bobby. He says he hates the picture because he's still wearing the goofy surgical bonnet. I say he never likes photos of himself anyway. However, he threatened to "stop reading my blog" if I left it in. All in jest of course. But I don't want to take any chances. I think he's my number one fan. And regular reader. Will find a better photo of him with Bobby and get approval to post later.