Thursday, February 18, 2010

Smaht Ladieeeesss....

OK. I know you are all intelligent women, but KUDOS to those of you who knew Sally Field's quote (even though I kind of butchered it).

I sort of wish I had a prize to give away -- you know,... a little somethin' for the effort. However, sadly, I do not. Unless someone wants a box of 150 Valentine-themed stickers, half a cupcake or an old Yankee candle.

Perhaps I will try to gather some really super, high-quality items and pose another question. I am a huge trivia nerd, ... um,... I mean FAN. In fact, years ago a friend dubbed me "The Sponge of Useless Knowledge." Not quite a doctoral degree, but sometimes you take what you can get. Every time I would come up with some weird, out-of-left-field trivia nugget or answer an obscure movie-related question, she'd just laugh, shake her head and yell, "Sponge!"

In other news, I got dressed for the gym today, but never made it there. And I won't be making it there because they close in three minutes. I can still fit in an AbRipper workout, though. It only takes 16 minutes, but it's 16 minutes with a DVD featuring with the Devil -- in spandex shorts. I know,... I'll get Jeff to do it with me. This? Ought to be good for a laugh or two. Not that he can't complete the workout; rather, because he can kick my ass in the workout. Too bad I can't work out AND take pictures at the same time. Now that would make for a funny blog post.

Maybe I'll just go find that half cupcake...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"You like me,... you really, really like me!"

A couple of weeks ago, I got this in the mail from Starbucks:

It's a new "My Starbucks Rewards" card. Now, I have been a card-carrying member of the registered-Starbucks-card nation for a number of years. Back then, I had this really cool, retro-looking card:
Then, as part of my 40th birthday gift two years ago, my best friend, Shipley, enrolled me in the Starbucks Gold program, which came with this card:
Classy, no? Anyway, Starbucks has rolled out a new program called My Starbucks Rewards. They thanked me for being a Starbucks Gold member, and because we've been sharin' the love for so long, they were welcoming me to the "next evolution of their rewards program, at the Gold Level. Automatically." Here is my new card:

Oooooh... shiny. It even has my name and "Cardholder since 2007" printed on it. I. Feel. So. Special.
And, to make me feel even MORE special, I peeled off the new card to find a free drink coupon. Suh-weet! We like free things almost as much as shiny things.

The only thing is, and I hate to break it to them... but since joining the ranks of the unemployed last summer, going to Starbucks is one of the things we cut way back on. As in, special occasions only. And even then, it's iffy at best. Still, they love me. I'm a Gold Level cardmember -- even though that and a nickel (or, more accurately, $5) will not get you a cup of coffee there.
*An extra credit point to anyone who knows who said the quote used as this post's title!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Save. Me.

Today, it is me versus...

Because, you know, the cupcakes are left over from Sam's birthday. And the chocolates were from my wonderful husband for Valentine's Day. The chocolates were accompanied by his trademark tulip bouquet, and a bonus dozen roses. Since the flowers won't add extra weight to my hips and ass, they're not on my radar right now. They're just sitting on the table looking pretty.

The big problem today is accountability. Jeff is on duty until tomorrow morning. The kids are all at school until later this afternoon. This leaves me alone with said cupcakes and chocolates. Well, Bobby is here, but really no help in resisting temptation. He only holds me accountable for providing sippy cups of milk and a "nana" when he asks for it. Period.

It's now 10:12 am, and over the next 12 hours, I need to keep myself from dipping into the chocolates. If I can hold off for five hours, I can pawn the cupcakes off on the kids.

Wish me luck.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Even the presidents only get ONE day...

Today -- President's Day -- we're remembering all past presidents and their birthdays/deaths/anniversaries/baptisms/circumcisions/21st birthdays... etc. Whatever. So why is it that my (now) 8-yr.old had a FOUR DAY birthday celebration, hmmm?
Thursday, 02.11 was his actual birthday. This was marked by the usual doughnuts for breakfast (his sported a candle), bringing in cookies for his class treat, gifts upon returning home from school, favorite dinner (mac & cheese w/ ham) and a cake.

Friday, 02.12 we brought two of his best friends home with us after school. They played outside, played the Wii, ate hot dogs & chips and enjoyed the usual gift-opening mayhem. Also had cupcakes. Naturally, since there were cupcakes involved, the two 10-yr.olds showed up.
Saturday, 02.13 we welcomed my parents into town, and they brought Sam birthday gifts. He got an Ohio State hooded sweatshirt and knit cap, both of which he promptly put on and wore for a day and a half.

Sunday, 02.14 -- Valentine's Day -- Each child, including Birthday Boy, received boxes of chocolates from Jeff and my parents, handmade cards from me. Jeff's brother and his family came over for dinner, bringing Sam a card. Being all "caked-out," we opted to make a double batch of Ghiradelli brownies instead. With frosting, thank you very much.

When I was saying goodnight to Sam last night, I asked if he'd had a good four-day birthday. He smiled and nodded. I'm like, "You know, Sam,... not everyone is lucky enough for their birthday to span four whole days." He nodded,... his huge hazel eyes just peeping out above the top of his comforter. I heard a muffled, "Mmmm-hmm... I know" from under the blankets.
We all had better hope this kid becomes the president someday. I have a feeling his first official business will be to declare the entire month of February as a national holiday, recognizing not only past presidents and their achievements, but to revel in his awesomeness as well.