Thursday, February 18, 2010

Smaht Ladieeeesss....

OK. I know you are all intelligent women, but KUDOS to those of you who knew Sally Field's quote (even though I kind of butchered it).

I sort of wish I had a prize to give away -- you know,... a little somethin' for the effort. However, sadly, I do not. Unless someone wants a box of 150 Valentine-themed stickers, half a cupcake or an old Yankee candle.

Perhaps I will try to gather some really super, high-quality items and pose another question. I am a huge trivia nerd, ... um,... I mean FAN. In fact, years ago a friend dubbed me "The Sponge of Useless Knowledge." Not quite a doctoral degree, but sometimes you take what you can get. Every time I would come up with some weird, out-of-left-field trivia nugget or answer an obscure movie-related question, she'd just laugh, shake her head and yell, "Sponge!"

In other news, I got dressed for the gym today, but never made it there. And I won't be making it there because they close in three minutes. I can still fit in an AbRipper workout, though. It only takes 16 minutes, but it's 16 minutes with a DVD featuring with the Devil -- in spandex shorts. I know,... I'll get Jeff to do it with me. This? Ought to be good for a laugh or two. Not that he can't complete the workout; rather, because he can kick my ass in the workout. Too bad I can't work out AND take pictures at the same time. Now that would make for a funny blog post.

Maybe I'll just go find that half cupcake...

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Lindy said...

Sometimes you forego the workout to get the photos. Sometimes it's just necessary!