Thursday, February 25, 2010

From fumble to humble in just a short time...

I fumbled. I totally dropped the ball.

I had a writing assignment for a local parenting magazine. I get these every other month. I know this. I write them. I turn them in.

Then, last week, the night before my article was due, I was laying in bed thinking about it. I lay in bed and think a lot on the nights Jeff is on duty. That clears my head for when he is actually there beside me. Anyway, ... I was wrestling with what was due, and had one of those sudden bolt-of-lightning ideas. The next morning I emailed the editor, presented my last-minute change of direction and got the green light to go ahead and write it up.

[crickets chirping]

And that's when the assignment -- for some reason -- completely fell off my radar. WTH? It isn't like I'm swimming in other assignments that had me too preoccupied. It simply left my head.

So, today, after receiving a "gentle nudge" email from the editor, I offered up my apologies and have been juggling the article and Bobby all day.

Nothing like a complete screw up to remind you that you're human. And keep you humble.

1 comment:

Lindy said...

Aren't the "gentle nudges" the worst?! I think I'd rather get a good ass-chewing. :)