Friday, April 3, 2009

April 3

Hello, old friends... I've missed you.

If you had asked me last summer about running, I'd have barely mustered an enthusiastic response. Then I found out I was pregnant and spent the better part of July, August and September on the verge of throwing up... which isn't exactly the time you'd want to lace up the running shoes and go out for a trot. My running shoes had barely been broken in before receiving the baby news. (Don't let the dirt on the shoes fool you ... they got that way not from working out, rather as I took the trash to the curb one soggy, autumn evening.) Ever since, they've been nothing more than a pair of shoes I could slide into and walk around comfortably.

Having a nausea-induced hiatus from running last summer has refreshed and renewed my passion for the sport. On the few "nice" days we enjoyed as winter loosened its icy grip, I'd see runners out on the roads, all done up in spandex and fleece. I couldn't help but feel a tiny bit jealous; then I'd run my hand over the bump on my belly and know I would eventually get back to the roadwork.

I was given my official "medical release" yesterday, and have already begun planning my training schedule -- in moderation, of course. Basically, start back at square one (ironic, isn't it?) with a light training schedule, stopping immediately in the event of abdominal pain. I can handle that.

Jeff and I are planning to join Lindy and Ryan for the local half marathon in September. While I'd love to say I want to post a personal best time, I'd be quite happy finishing with a respectable time. Lindy suggested matching shirts, putting our accomplishment in perspective. Mine would read, "Had a baby." Ryan's would read, "Had back surgery." Lindy said hers should read, "Former lover of 'lazy'" and Jeff could wear one that reads, "My friends are back there somewhere!" Personally, I think Lindy's should read, "The finish line had BETTER be @ Starbuck's!"

The saying may be, "No pain, no gain," but if you can't keep a sense of humor through the pain,... what's the point?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 2

Bobby enjoyed his first "Baby's Day Out" with Mommy yesterday, and he promptly learned that it takes Mommy forever to get ready. I'm not sure he could look more bored.

Our first stop was at the fire station to see Daddy and his crew mates. Once liberated from the car seat and in Daddy's arms, Bobby was checked out with a brief gathering, then the men went about their business.

Our next stop was my office, where (had he been awake) Bobby would have witnessed quite a different reception. My female co-workers gathered around the car seat and proceeded to ooh and aah with much enthusiasm. Everyone was very sweet and seemed to enjoy meeting the little tyke.

Next up was Starbuck's to meet Lindy. Lindy got gypped when she visited us at the hospital the day Bobby was born. (He was in the nursery for his bath, so all she got was me in my PCA pump-induced drug stupor -- which, come to think of it, could have been quite entertaining.) In case you ever wondered, Starbuck's is a great place to meet around lunchtime. Crowds may flock there in the morning, but in the afternoon,... not so much. It was nice to sit and chat. Bobby slept the entire time in his car seat, even with the baristas firing up the machines. Apparently my new child thrives on chaos to get a good forty winks in. Give him a quiet room with the gentle hum of a fan, and his sleep is fitful at best. I was almost sure he would rouse with the aroma of freshly ground coffee in the air, since he got a baby-sized coffee fix every day. Yes, I was one of THOSE pregnant women who still drank coffee. Once my OB said I had nothing to worry about with the small amount of coffee I consumed each morning, I couldn't waddle fast enough to the nearest Starbuck's. And since Bobby was born at 37 weeks and four days, weighing 6 lbs., 10 oz., I pretty much put to rest the debate as to whether or not caffeine-drinking moms have low-birth weight babies.

One bright realization I had while schlepping Bobby all over town, is that carrying him in his car seat is a fantastic upper arm workout!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1

At just 4 weeks and 3 days, Bobby slept through the night last night.

Yes, and then he got up, changed his own diaper, warmed his own bottle and brought me coffee in bed.

April Fool!

Of course Bobby didn't sleep through the night. I sure didn't sleep through the night. Not that the little nugget knows what today is, or how to prank someone, but he was raising hell 15 minutes ago and now that I'm up and have his bottle ready,... he's fast asleep again. Hahaha! April Fool, Mommy!

One of the most benign April Fool's Day jokes I've ever heard was by a little girl in the neighborhood where I grew up. I was about 13, so Tammy must've been about 6 or 7. She gleefully skipped around telling people, "Your teeth are upside down!" Adorable.

I thought briefly about trying to prank someone today. Obviously, the one many wives have attempted is the "Honey, I'm pregnant" trick. I quickly realized I'd never be able to do that with a straight face. Actually, I think I could cry at the mere thought of actually being pregnant again. The possibility of three solid months of morning/noon/night sickness... ummm, no thank you.

I tried thinking of another trick, but to no avail. Perhaps I'm just not a prankster. Don't get me wrong -- I love laughter, comedy and doing fun/crazy things on occasion. It's the "fooling someone" I'm not good at. I don't like to see anyone embarrassed, confused or laughed at, and I'm not wired to be the mastermind behind something like that. Now laughing at myself, well, that's something I've learned to do. And, trust me, I do it a lot. Most times, the laughter is accompanied by hearing Shipley's voice in my head, "Dumbass..." After all, what are best friends for if not to call you out on doing something stupid, and STILL manage to be your friend?

Enjoy your day, and welcome to April. We're that much closer to warmer weather. (At least here in the Midwest we are!)

By the way,... your teeth are upside down.

Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30

I am back among the living. Or at least the grown-ups.

Officially started back to work today, which raised eyebrows on some people. Yes, it's been four weeks since the baby was born, but when you consider I have been doing more strenuous work at home than I could ever do at my day job, it really makes sense. The most demanding thing I do at work is cross the street from our parking lot to the building. (I will admit that IS, at times, a pretty treacherous adventure.) But seriously, I sit at my desk and type, drink coffee and listen to a steady stream of 80s music on iTunes. At home, I find myself schlepping laundry up and down the stairs. You do the math.

And, to make it even more cushy, I had a 20-minute seated massage, too. Hey, if the massage therapist actually comes to your workplace and offers an opportunity for a massage... you simply don't pass that up.

So, I had to post this photo of Bobby. Shipley took it on her phone while we were all at Maggie Moo's on Saturday night. I haven't found the perfect word to sum up his expression yet -- so far, "Ho-hum" leaps to mind, but I'm sure there's a better word out there. The more we look at the photo, the more it just melts our hearts until we're just big puddles of love for this precious boy. Believe me, I've looked at this picture about a million times today, just to get by until I can give him a good cuddle when I get home.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 28

In an unexpected effort to stimulate the economy, we purchased a new dining table today. Not just a dining table, but a dining table well equipped to handle a family of eight and a couple of guests comfortably. This will be a dramatic change for everyone who has become accustomed to squeezing around our existing, smaller table. Not that this has been a problem at all. In fact, I sort of liked the fact that we made it work for so long -- it was a bonding experience for sure.

Neither Jeff or I felt the least bit guilty about making such a purchase at a time when budgets are closely watched and extra spending is curtailed. This was OUR table, nearly from the moment we saw it. Sound crazy to get so wound up about a table? Considering the fact that this will be the place where our family gathers for meals (from a weekday breakfast to future holiday dinners), the place where kids will do homework and school projects and we'll share so many great moments... it was worth every last penny.

And the extra elbow-room it will allow the boys is PRICELESS.

March 27

When you live in the Midwest -- home of the most temperamental, fickle weather EVER -- you get to enjoy a day like this on your first day of spring break. That is, if your family is skipping the whole "load-up-the-car-and-hit-the-road" fiesta. And they're not all staring off into nothing ... I'm sure some sporting event was on TV. Little else could capture their attention so well.
Note the shorts and basketball, which is proof that the weather was somewhat mild. Of course, now as I post this (just two days later) our weather forecast is calling for rain and snow. Ugh.