Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30

I am back among the living. Or at least the grown-ups.

Officially started back to work today, which raised eyebrows on some people. Yes, it's been four weeks since the baby was born, but when you consider I have been doing more strenuous work at home than I could ever do at my day job, it really makes sense. The most demanding thing I do at work is cross the street from our parking lot to the building. (I will admit that IS, at times, a pretty treacherous adventure.) But seriously, I sit at my desk and type, drink coffee and listen to a steady stream of 80s music on iTunes. At home, I find myself schlepping laundry up and down the stairs. You do the math.

And, to make it even more cushy, I had a 20-minute seated massage, too. Hey, if the massage therapist actually comes to your workplace and offers an opportunity for a massage... you simply don't pass that up.

So, I had to post this photo of Bobby. Shipley took it on her phone while we were all at Maggie Moo's on Saturday night. I haven't found the perfect word to sum up his expression yet -- so far, "Ho-hum" leaps to mind, but I'm sure there's a better word out there. The more we look at the photo, the more it just melts our hearts until we're just big puddles of love for this precious boy. Believe me, I've looked at this picture about a million times today, just to get by until I can give him a good cuddle when I get home.

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Lindy said...

It says "coo now, cause I'll be raising hell tonight when you're trying to sleep."

Adorable pic!