Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bobby deals with Mommy's incessant photo-taking

See my new teeth on the bottom? They're just peeking out, but they're there! It's fun getting used to having them there. Except when I accidentally bite myself. That isn't much fun at all.

Mommy sure likes to take pictures, but I'd really like to just play for a while.

She's really getting on my nerves with that camera and flash. And I've got all these funny little spots floating in front of my eyes...

Maybe if I pretend to be really busy, she'll go away...

Today I am all about spending time with Bobby. And doing a lot of catch-up laundry. But, mostly? I want to just play with the baby. He's 6.5 months now, and just cut his two bottom teeth two weeks ago. It won't be long before he's walking around, getting into things he shouldn't. Then it will be off to pre-school... Kindergarten... grade school. He is our last baby, and I think I can speak for Jeff when I say we want to enjoy him. Every last little snippet of babyhood.

When I was getting him dressed earlier, I pulled out one of the handmade onesies everyone at the baby shower made. This one was created by Aunt Stacy. Yes, it says "Live long and prosper." I married into a pool of sci-fi fans, so she knew this would be all too appropriate. And appreciated.

And here's the best part...

Yes. That's Bobby's butt.

This is why we absolutely LOVE Aunt Stacy. And her sense of humor.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ah you ready fo' som' FOOTBALL?!

This? This is what a win looks like. And for two 10-year olds who had a bad baseball season this summer, it was very sweet.

Jack and Charlie's first game was this past Saturday. They came. They played. They won. The boys were in most of the JV game, with Charlie carrying the ball once or twice and Jack doing some serious blocking. I am not kidding. KA-POW.

The kid on the far left has the ball. The two boys in front of him are Charlie (8) and Jack (12), although you really can't see their numbers. I believe the collective thought bubble over their heads is, "Bring it." Either that or "Get outta my way." Regardless, the did their jobs.

And in a rare opportunity to multi-task, here was my view behind the bleachers:

Yes, that's the Snider Mighty Panther Marching Band practicing for their first competition, which was later that night. They won second place -- a good place to be for the first time out. I tried finding Tyler and Kate individually, but only found Kate.

That's her in the center, green shirt. Later I realized I couldn't find Tyler because I was looking for a white t-shirt (which is what I got out of the dryer for him that morning) but failed to realize he'd put on a BLUE shirt over it. Besides,... it's really hard to pick out people when all you see is the backs of their heads and their butts.
Looking forward to this Saturday, with another football game and two marching band competitions. :) I love fall!