Sunday, March 28, 2010

In which I break my silence...

I can officially announce the end of my word strike, which was prompted by the thought of Butler Basketball having their tournament season fall short again -- making it far enough to make a point, yet not far enough to gain national respect.

Yeah, right.

The lack of posting over the past few weeks was chalked up to having some freelance work to do, celebrating Kate's 16th birthday (and we even pulled off a surprise party!) having three sick boys with possible strep and one hot mess of an ear infection over the span of 2.5 weeks, a teething baby with molars coming in and a nasty stomach virus hosted by yours truly.

But, let's get back to this Butler thing. For any of you who don't know, I am a Butler alum, having attended 1987-1991. Those four years were -- hands down -- some of the best of my life. Since graduating nearly 20 years ago, I have been an avid supporter of my alma mater. I have donated when I could to fundraising campaigns; my cars have not only sported Butler plates, but nearly every Butler-themed static window cling I could lay my hands on. At one point, the running joke among friends was to look at my car, turn to me and ask, "Remind me... where did you go to college?"

I will absolutely (someday) own a Bulldog, and plan on naming him either Hinkle, Hampton or Haughey (pronounced, "Howie"), after the Butler coaching legend/fieldhouse honoree and two main streets which run through campus, respectively.

I have returned to campus on many occasions... from Homecoming to casual visits and shopping at the bookstore. I have watched countless Butler basketball games on television. The first few times my sons watched with me, they were sort of astonished/freaked out that a.) their mother was watching a sport -- voluntarily; b.) that I actually understood said sport, and c.) that I would cheer out loud and (sometimes) gasp and/or hold my breath when someone launched a 3-pointer.

So, imagine my sheer glee last Thursday night when my Bulldogs walked on the court as members of the Sweet 16, and left the court as part of the Elite 8. THEN,... two days later, played a strong game against Kansas State to advance to the Final Four.

The Final Four, Bay-beeeeee.

And that glee... the incredible swell of pride that was ONLY surpassed by watching my own three sons win a football playoff game in three OTs within minutes of the Butler victory, was booted into complete, sheer, unfathomable excitement when I learned I will be attending Butler's Final Four game against Michigan State this Saturday, with my best friend, Shipley. I met Shipley at the beginning of my sophomore year, when she pledged my sorority as a freshman. The years have been kind to us, and our relationship has been forged into something that now resembles more "family" than "friendship." We are the sisters we never had. And now this woman -- with her incredible generosity -- is taking me with her to this perhaps-once-in-a-lifetime game.

And you'd better believe a recap with photos will be posted next week.