Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 28

In an unexpected effort to stimulate the economy, we purchased a new dining table today. Not just a dining table, but a dining table well equipped to handle a family of eight and a couple of guests comfortably. This will be a dramatic change for everyone who has become accustomed to squeezing around our existing, smaller table. Not that this has been a problem at all. In fact, I sort of liked the fact that we made it work for so long -- it was a bonding experience for sure.

Neither Jeff or I felt the least bit guilty about making such a purchase at a time when budgets are closely watched and extra spending is curtailed. This was OUR table, nearly from the moment we saw it. Sound crazy to get so wound up about a table? Considering the fact that this will be the place where our family gathers for meals (from a weekday breakfast to future holiday dinners), the place where kids will do homework and school projects and we'll share so many great moments... it was worth every last penny.

And the extra elbow-room it will allow the boys is PRICELESS.

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Lindy said...

We just did what we like to call "therapy shopping."

I'm sure you can imagine what prompted that.