Friday, January 8, 2010

Responsibility is a lost concept...

I read earlier that the young gentleman who is accused of trying to pull off a terrorist attack on an airplane (on Christmas Day of all days!) has entered a "not guilty" plea in court.

Excuse me. WHAT?!?!?

Dude! Your underwear exploded! How do you even begin to plead "not guilty?" Were they not your underwear?

The mere fact alone that this guy is currently being treated for burns in the general underwear-wearing" area should be a pretty good indication that he, in fact, did it.

I eagerly await the dog-and-pony show called his trial.


Amy said...

LMBO -- Let him be tried in a court of mothers who spend lots of time listening to "not guilty" pleas in the face of overwhelming evidence. Trust me, there would be justice.

Lindy said...

I love the fact that this guy has burns in his "underwear wearing area."

Serves him freakin right!