Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No room at the inn, but a hot meal in the stable...

This morning, the kids had a weather-related school delay. I let the boys sleep, and settled myself onto the sofa with my new NY Times crossword-puzzle-a-day calendar (best birthday give EVER from my wonderful husband!). A little while later, Jack came downstairs and curled up next to me.
Jack; Mom? Are crossword puzzles hard to do?

Me: Mmm... sometimes. But this one seems pretty easy so far.

Jack: Can you find a clue for me to solve?

Me: Sure.

I scanned the list of clues and found one -- 31 down, "A gift of the Magi." It was five letters, beginning with "M." I knew it was "myrrh," and hoped with Christmas just two weeks ago, he'd remember the answer.

Me: OK, Jack. Here you go. (I pointed to the clue.) Remember the three Wise Men? It's one of the gifts they brought to Baby Jesus.

Jack: Gold?

Me: Well, remember... they brought gold, frankincense and....

Jack: (thinking really hard) Um... a ham?

After we both stopped laughing, Jack rationalized that after all that work of having a baby, Mary must've been hungry.


Lindy said...

He'll make a great husband some day. Just remind him that after his wife has given birth, she doesn't want a ham!

Stacy said...

That is too funny!