Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Great minds think alike

So, part of our Christmas week festivities was taking three of the kids (two 10yo and 7yo) out to see the new James Cameron epic, "Avatar."

The first thing that was noticed--by all three boys--was in the opening credits when it read "A film by James Cameron." This sparked their interest because James is Jeff's brother's name. James Cameron. They all about lost their minds at the coincidence. Very cute.

We proceeded to be impressed and dazzled by the outstanding visuals, enhanced by the 3-D glasses (which boosted our admission price by at least $5. Each.), and the only aspect of the movie that make me wince was the now-and-then swear words. The boys have all heard my classic lecture about words they hear and words they can say and knowing the difference.

Near the end of the movie, Jeff (who, I should explain, is an avid sci-fi fan) and I assessed that "Avatar" is like, "Ferngully" meets "Full Metal Jacket" (meets "Harry Potter"-with those freakin' flying dragon/birds... whatever they were; and "Alien" (as an honorable nod to Sigourney Weaver). I think we may have even thrown in "The Matrix" because of the whole cloned-alien thing they had going on, too. We laughed and thought ourselves to be oh-so-clever until a few days ago when I read this.

You have to scroll down a bit in the post, but you'll clearly see that the author and an aquaintance ALSO drew the connection between "Avatar" and "Ferngully."

Apparently Jeff and I aren't the only clever ones. And, since I just gave you such an easy link... I highly recommend checking out The Polymath Chronicles. Very funny, neat blog.

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Lindy said...

Okay - the only reference of yours I recognized was The Matrix.....that says something about me right?