Friday, September 25, 2009

It's go time... well, almost.

The clock is ticking and I am just about freaking out, thank you very much.

Number of miles: 13.1

Time remaining before the gun goes off: about 21 hours

Number of miles I've logged training: ummm... not as many as I am comfortable with.

Average pace of those I am supposed to run with: approx. 9:30

MY average pace these days: a smidge more than 9:30

Weather forecast: cloudy morning/afternoon sun (Much better than the "T-STORMS" predicted)

Amount of water I will drink today to be uber-hydrated: a whole damn lot

Number of times I will take a walk break: as many as I need, baby

Speaking of babies, number of months since I had Bobby: 6.5

Number of months since I received medical clearance to run following C-Section: about 5

I have had five months to get back into pre-baby running shape, and training has been marginal at best. Life sometimes gets in the way like that. But you do what you can. And tomorrow? I am going to take on 13.1 miles through some, shall we say, interesting parts of Fort Wayne. I will do my best and give it everything I have -- but without being stupid and risking injury. I figured that the longest training run I had been able to do before previous half-marathons was a solid five miles, and I did OK. So my training wasn't as strenuous as I'd hoped/planned. I still got out there when I could and did the road work. I will not finish first, but I don't think I'll be last, either. But after the race, as in "cross-the-finish-line-and-grab-a-free-banana-and-let's-go" Jeff and I have to high-tail it out to Jack and Charlie's football game. It's a comeback week for them after a loss last week. I. Cannot. Miss. It. Period. And unless I am rolled into the gutter by fellow runners to wait for the first aid cart, I won't miss it.

For the record, my personal best for a half-marathon is 2:34, which I posted in the 2007 500 Festival Mini in Indianapolis. I tried to break 2:30 in 2008, but failed by a few minutes. I would love to say I hope to achieve this goal tomorrow, but I am just going out there to have fun and see where the numbers fall when my feet cross the finish line.

Because if running isn't fun, what's the point?

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Lindy said...

You are awesome.

I am chicken shit.