Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Addictions and forgiveness on a rainy Tuesday night

It's been a long day. By 9:30, however, the four youngest of the family were asleep. Or at least in bed. Seeing as how I hadn't eaten much all day, I came downstairs to have a bowl of cereal. Someone in the house picked up a box of Chocolate Chex cereal at the store. Let me just go on record by saying they should just go ahead and print "CRACK" on the box. It's that good. You will enjoy it. You will become addicted to it. My first bowl led to a second bowl. There might have been a third if the second bowl hadn't finished off the last of the cereal.

This is what addiction looks like:

On a completely different note, Sid and I had a run in on Sunday morning. Literally. Jeff and I were scurrying about, trying to pack up the diaper bag and get out the door for church. I rushed into the kitchen to grab a bottle from the refrigerator, and somehow Sid got tangled in my feet. He yowled and hissed. Then he limped under the table and kept hissing at me. It was obvious he was hurt, but he wouldn't let me get near him. I felt so bad. When we returned later, he seemed OK, but I noticed he would run away from me for the rest of the day. Seriously. Imagine my surprise when tonight as I sat in the den watching The Office, enjoying my bowl of chocolate crack and milk, Sid wandered in. He eyeballed the spot on the sofa next to me. He jumped up, edging a little closer every minute or so. Soon, he jumped to the back of the sofa and crept along until one paw could reach my shoulder. Pat, pat, pat. About a minute more, and he was sprawled out behind me, obviously forgetting I had jacked up his leg two days ago.

And this is what forgiveness looks like:


Lindy said...

I had two bowls of Apple Jacks last night. Although I'm sure it wasn't as good as yours - it was the only cereal box left in the pantry that wasn't damn near empty.


Stacy said...

I have been totally into cereal these days. Love the "chocolate crack" term. I'm going to have to try that cereal. Clearly the marketing team for the cereal had sassy gals like us in mind--look at the picture on the box!

The picture of Sid is priceless. You get the BEST shots!

Also, do you think I can get a job making up the word verifications for blogs? Today, my word verification was squardmo. If you had to make up a definition for squardmo , what would it be?