Friday, August 7, 2009

It's sometimes very spooky how much Lindy and I have in common -- not to mention how much we think alike. I had planned this post without so much as a word to her. Imagine my surprise when I saw her post today.

Spooky or not, there's no denying she and I are about to go knee-deep in football season. Granted, Austin is playing with the big boys, while Jack and Charlie are just beginning. We're still going to deal with sweaty sons, even sweatier (and often stinkier) practice garb and lots of driving the boys to practices. Lots. Of. Driving. But we'll also get to enjoy watching our kids play their hearts out, for a game we love, in the crisp autumn air.

And, just like Lindy, I have to be a little sneaky -- OK, maybe A LOT sneaky -- to capture a few memories. See the kid in the blue shorts and white shirt at the center? That's Jack. Just to the right, standing in the next row over in orange shorts and a black shirt is Charlie. The team had lined up to learn their warm-ups and calisthenics routine. The older boys led the group by shouting, "HOW DO WE DO THIS?" To which the rest of the team shouts, "TOGETHER!" Then the leader commands, "TEN.... LOUD... JUMPING-JACKS... READY? BEGIN!"

I am sure Jack and Charlie imagined practice would be all about throwing the football and knocking people down. Huh-uh. THIS is where you begin, boys.

Later, I asked how they liked their first practice. They said they really liked it. Then I asked if they were tired. Their words said no. But their voices said yes. They were beat.

And just like their coach said, I reminded them that the hard work they put in now will show up later in the game, when it counts.

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Lindy said...

We really are on some kind of weird wavelength, aren't we?!

I loved the way the high school coach ended practice last week - with a pep talk about being a good person, listening to your parents and not getting into trouble...being the better man.

It just goes to show, football isn't always about the ball.