Thursday, August 13, 2009


Today is the first day of school for Jack, Charlie and Sam.

By the end of last school year, we were having some difficulty getting up and out the door by 7:15am. As in, children rolling out of bed at 7:10am and shuffling their bed-headded selves into the van. This? Didn't work for me. It's a long, drawn-out story but we MUST be in the van, moving down the driveway by 7:15 or our morning shuttle to school can quickly fall to shambles. I don't do tardies.

That being said, last night I gave them advance warning that they will either rise and shine with their alarm clocks at 6:30am, or face an after-school grounding. "I want you out of bed... NOT hitting the snooze button... getting dressed, downstairs eating breakfast, getting your bag and getting ready for the school day," I said.

This morning?

I overslept.

I should offer a big thank you to whichever boy was thoughtful enough to wake me up at 7:10am.


Lindy said...

LOL!! I even texted you at 6:20 about the boys starting school this morning!

And, this is totally something I would do.

Like what I did this morning by putting Austin's football compression shorts into the washer at 6:10am...yeah, he was supposed to be leaving for practice at 6:15 - FAIL.

I'm not a blogger said...

LMAO! This could TOTALLY happen at my house!!! :)

Diana said...

"I'm not a blogger" is actually your cousin Diana. :)

Jennifer Cameron said...

You didn't fail! In fact, you are my new hero! They got themselves up and ready for school and then woke you up when it was time to much better can it possibly get?

Amy said...

Bet at least 1 of them told this story to his teacher. LOL!