Thursday, April 30, 2009

It isn't rocket science...

Everyone's buzzing about the swine flu problem. I agree, it's a growing concern, but are you listening, people? It's preventable. All you need to do is use common sense and wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands.


In our household, because of the baby, we've been drilling this into everyone's heads -- want to hold the Bobby? Wash your hands. The kids have listened to me harp on this point endlessly. Coming home from school? Wash your hands. Want a snack? Wash your hands. Cough and/or sneeze into your hand? Wash your hands.

Simple, isn't it?

You would not believe the number of people I've seen -- and we're talking grown adults here -- who fail to wash their hands. Especially after using the restroom at work. That is, in a word... disgusting. Work in a certain place a while, and you'll eventually learn who these "non-hand-washers" are. Then you avoid them like the plague. (No pun intended.) The worst part, though, is that you can't always avoid them. Sometimes they just happen to find, and invade, your space -- bringing their nasty, post-toilet bacteria with them. One person in particular, a well-known NHW, used to breeze into the office, all happy-go-lucky and help herself to the bowl of candy on a co-worker's desk. Eeeewww. I don't think I want a mint anymore...

There is nothing more disturbing to me, than being in the restroom, hearing another woman finish her business, then simply walk out the door... Some women probably look at me, my golf-ball sized dollop of foam soap, hot water and roll their eyes. Because, YES, I AM WASHING MY HANDS FOR A FULL 20-SECONDS. JUST LIKE ANY HEALTH PROFESSIONAL WILL TELL YOU IS MOST EFFECTIVE. And to those who turn on the water and quickly pass their fingers through the water, that is NOT called washing your hands. That's called "wetting your fingertips."

Let's review the basics, shall we?
1.) Turn on hot water.
2.) Put a decent amount of soap in your hand.
3.) Rub soap all over your hands, concentrating in between fingers and (especially) around your fingernails, which is often neglected. Useful tip: use one hand to scratch the palm of your other hand. Excellent way to scrub that area.
4.) While you're scrubbing, count to 20. Or sing "Happy Birthday" to yourself. Or out loud if you're feeling confident.
5.) Rinse soap from hands. DO NOT TURN OFF THE WATER!
6.) Grab a paper towel and dry hands. Use paper towel to turn off faucet.*

*In the event there is only an air hand dryer, use your elbow to turn off water.

My sons learned about this in Kindergarten. And the adults aren't doing this because.... ?

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Lindy said...

A couple of things....

Although I use my elbow to turn on the hand-dryer, I no longer want to use my wenis for that.

Also, you HAVE to identify the NHW - then you can avoid their food during the company potluck.

AND....I think you may be OCD. :)