Wednesday, April 29, 2009

At least I have my health...

You know how in my last post I was the loving aunt who dutifully wished her nephew a Happy 17th Birthday? Yeah, well I was just told by my mother that Allen turned 18 today. So, apparently, for me, turning 40 meant the steep decline of my memory. Because I am the first to admit I have never, ever been good at math. There's TWO strikes against me now.

Maybe that's why God gave us a brand-new baby... so I can start over with remedial counting when it comes to candles on birthday cakes. The twins will turn 10 this summer -- uh-oh. Look out. Double digits. Oy vey.

Well, if I can't count and I certainly have some memory challenges... at least I have my health.


Lindy said...

lol - my own MOM forgot how old I was turning one year. Don't feel bad but feel free to go over and give her a hard time! :)

Edward A. Rushnok said...

Wow, Thank you sincerely for the Kind words Aunt Becky, Happened across this my mishap but none the less it made me smile to see those kind words.