Friday, September 26, 2008

What I should be doing...

Tonight is the big debate, and as I write this, McCain and Obama are still hammering away at each other. Verbally, that is. I was actually looking forward to watching the debate, since I feel so out of touch with this election. I know where my initial gut instinct is leading me, but having a political opinion really needs some backup in this day and age. Simply saying, "I just have a good/bad feeling about so-and-so..." doesn't quite cut it. So, I watched the debate ... at least I started to. Obviously, since I am tip-tap-typing on the computer, my enthusiasm fizzled out somewhere around the time McCain accused Obama of not being able to distinguish between a war "strategy" and... something else. See how I tuned out there?

Have you ever balanced on the brink of preparation and impracticality? Where you think you're doing so well in planning ahead that you end up making a dumb decision? I nearly fell victim to that concept this morning while driving to work, when I passed a garage sale. Out in front was an Exersaucer, and as soon as I spied it I nearly hit the brakes. Then I realized this baby will be born in March, leaving quite a bit of time until he is ready to take on the rigors of the almighty Exersaucer. Considering we have little to no storage at the moment, my moment of preparation nearly had us tripping over a cumbersome plastic toy for the next year. Besides, I've owned Exersaucers before... and anyone else who has had one knows how gunky they can get, even when you are vigilant about cleaning up the drool, spit-up and cracker crumbs. Ick. What I should be doing, is finding my lost self-discipline when it comes to eating healthy. I have fallen prey to "if you crave it, eat it." Thankfully it hasn't been all fast-food choices; but to me, having a once-daily tall soy latte is pretty daring.

Tomorrow is our city's first-ever half marathon. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't green with envy over every last runner in the field. Not that pregnant women can't run. In fact, if memory serves, a British runner (whose name escapes me ... thank you shrinking brain!) won a major race just nine months after giving birth, and plenty of runners continue a scaled-back training schedule well into mid- to late-pregnancy. I, however, after running the 500 Festival Mini Marathon last May, gave myself a few weeks off. Then went to Florida to get married. Then had to prepare to move out of my old house, and close on the sale. Then plan a marriage blessing ceremony/reception. Then, TA-DAA! We found out I was expecting. Then came the weeks and weeks of nausea... Do I have to say my running shoes have had little to talk about in the past several months? It's disgusting, but true. And now, tomorrow morning when I hang out with a friend whose husband is running his first mini, I will have to keep my emotions in check. I will feel the excitement in the air as the runners take their places. My legs will almost ache with longing, and my toes will be wiggling in my shoes. And when the gun goes off, I will feel a surge of my own adrenaline, just as if I'm crossing the line, too. My race now, however, is a long one, spanning the next five months. I've already promised myself as soon as the OB gives me clearance to begin running, it's "GAME ON." Maybe what I should be doing is taking this break as a blessing; a time to prepare and reflect on everything that goes on each day.

Hmmm... wonder if that debate is still on.

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Jennifer Cameron said...

Hey Rebecca! I found your blog and I love it. Hilarious stories...especially because they didn't happen to me. LOL!

About the use of DH, DH hates it when I refer to him like that because he thinks it really means "a male member positioned on the neck"

I can hardly wait to read more.