Monday, September 22, 2008

09.22.08 -- Welcome, Autumn!

Happy first day of fall! Today marks the beginning of my favorite season. It's all about pumpkins, crunchy leaves and clear, crisp days from here on out!

If you've had a chance to peruse the two posts from my archives, I hope you're laughing and haven't decided to NOT read anymore. I learned a long time ago the key to getting through each day without pulling all my hair out was to laugh about it. If it wasn't funny at the time, give it a day or so, ... or tell a good friend. It'll get funny — or at least bearable. I promise. I am living proof. This is a great opportunity to give a shout of thanks to friends Jenn and Stephanie K. and Stephanie H. for being there either via email or in person to share kids' antics or vent about something until it becomes funny. THANK YOU, LADIES! :)

Last, but certainly not least ... I cannot post this entry without correcting a huge, GLARING error in my inaugural post last week. I was giddy with excitement at the fact I actually completed the task of getting a blog established. For me, this is like finding the cure for malaria or discovering penicillin. I'm technologically educated enough to be dangerous on a computer... as in, I'll likely do something wrong and accidentally wipe out my hard drive. Well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I'm not far from it. But I digress... I was so excited to have a blog, and I'd written my little "Welcome!" message. I texted my husband to have him read it and see what he thought. When I received a message back reading, "Hmmm. It's missing something," it hit me immediately. Here I had mentioned all the kids and neglected to mention him by name. It wasn't a snub on purpose ... just me being, well... me. So, JEFF, this is for you. I won't even default to using the ol' "DH" ("dear hubby") in future posts, either, JEFF. You are much more than just a DH. JEFFREY, JEFFREY, JEFFREY... what would I do without you? You are my best friend, wonderful person, terrific dad... the list could go on and on, JEFF.

Are we getting the picture here? :)

Seriously, Jeff is a great guy, and deserved to be mentioned by name from the get-go. Sorry for the omission, Honey. I've learned my lesson.

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