Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back to the square...

Since this blog is titled, "Back to Square One," I guess I should at least address the topic, right? Otherwise, it's like ignoring a really big, orange giraffe in the room. At nearly 15 weeks, I have to say this pregnancy hasn't really come close to being anything like my previous two. My first was with twins. I like to think that says I'm something of an over-achiever or at least a great multi-tasker -- possibly even proof of a hidden talent. ("Hey! I can split an egg!") It's probably more the case of God showing that, along with His almighty power, he also has a really good sense of humor. Despite what people say, my multiple pregnancy wasn't filled with overly exaggeraged symptoms. I had a few waves of nausea and was really tired early on, but that was about it. I felt great, and spent almost an entire summer laying on the sofa in the A/C, watching HGTV. With my second pregnancy, I don't even think I had so much as a hiccup. The only problem was with how low the baby was, and the intense pelvic pain that caused near the end. This pregnancy, however, ... quite different. I'd say the first 10 weeks or so were spent in that area of queasiness where you either want to throw up or die. The problem is that you do neither one. Ick. Our family trip to Florida fell in this time frame. Good times. I managed to hold it together, despite one reeeeeeeeeally close call while grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. Of course, since things were so drastically different, I naturally assumed that meant this baby was drastically different from the others, meaning... a girl. NOPE! Apparently my hidden talent isn't splitting eggs, it's birthing boys. At least I won't be surprised by anything new. I'm used to dealing with the "outdoor plumbing," so to speak.
The big adjustment will be with the other five kids. Jeff and I were quite satisfied with being a family of seven, especially since the youngest, Sam, is six-and-a-half and self-sufficient (for the most part). We liked the idea that we could just pick up and go somewhere without having to lug around diaper bags, toys, a stroller, etc. We also liked the idea of fitting perfectly into the Uplander he bought. Seven people? No problem... seven seats! Now, however, we'll be a family of eight. And while it's a nice, even number (terrific pairings for roller coasters and go-karts) we just can't figure out which older kid is going to have to be bungee corded to the top of the car. Kidding. But we have faced the reality that if we want to go anywhere as a family, we'll be in two cars for the time being.
Personally, the adjustment will have to do with putting my body through another pregnancy (I hope it holds up!), nursing a baby around the clock, keeping up with the other kids and housework, etc. Luckily, in addition to being my best friend, Jeff is an amazing help -- he can run a houseold like no one's business, including cooking. Oh... my... gosh... can he ever cook! ButI digress... with both of us running the house, that leaves precious few minutes to spend together each day. Thankfully, we know how important that time is, and we treasure it so much.
But with all the changes, adjustments and juggling, I can't imagine doing anything differently right now. So, here we are... back to square one with a baby on the way. Remember what I said in the other post about facing these things with a sense of humor? Yeah. We're all about that right now. And you've got a front-row seat... lucky you! :) Sit back and enjoy the ride with us!

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