Thursday, May 19, 2011

My ongoing quest...

Years ago, I became quite comfortable adopting the motto from an ancient Huey Lewis song: "It's Hip to be Square." It finally became unimportant to try and match the latest clothing style, hair style or listen to Top 40. I dressed the way I liked and that worked for me. Same with the hair. As for the music? Ask anyone who knows me, and they can tell you my preferences don't stray too far from 80s/alternative.

Now, with two 11-almost-12-year olds and a 9 year old, I have come face to face with pop culture again. Oy vey. How things have changed. I may or may not have heard the words, "The music you kids listen to these days..." and "I don't get why kids dress like that now..." Basically, I am borderline sounding like my parents. (No offense, Mom and Dad.) Quite often when we are in the car, the boys (usually Sam) ask me to turn the radio on. If Bobby is with us, the answer is a definite "No." Even the most tame radio stations/play lists will end up having some dialogue or verse containing word choices not I'd rather not hear my 2-year old say. Most recently, for example, he's heard "Shut up" and "sucks" and has chosen to repeat them. A lot.

Yesterday morning, afte we dropped off Bobby at school (daycare, really, but he likes to be like his older brothers and sister who go to school every day) Sam asked for the radio. Still nursing my morning coffee, I was in no mood to argue. I did remind him of my number one rule: The first reference to something inappropriate or foul language, and it's turned off. We have two local hip-hop/R&B/dance stations. I tuned in to one of them, giving the mandatory Mom Eye Roll.

Let me just clarify... while I strongly dislike all rap music, I usually don't mind the "dance club" style songs. Amazingly, I do know a few of them, thanks to my cardio interval class -- they can really get you moving. Imagine the boys' surprise when, one time I relented and put the radio on, to hear a song I actually knew (and liked!). "OOOOHH! I love this one!" I said, turning the volume up. I glanced in the rear-view mirror to see three sets of wide-eyes and three mouths hanging open.

"What?" I asked.

"You. Like. This?!" they responded.

It was at this point that I gave them the quick lesson in the difference between dance/club music rap. I don't mind one, detest the other. It wasn't surprising that when I clicked on the radio yesterday, the boys were immediately all about the happy faces and "car dancing." It's amazing how my ongoing quest to be hip (before I am of age to break one) can completely make their morning.

Jack... gettin' his groove on.

Charlie... clearly approving the music choice.

And Sam... who, apparently, will turn bashful when "car dancing" in front of his mom.

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Amy said...

Thank God for Radio Disney. My big kid doesn't like it, but at least I know there won't be any curse words or sexual conversation. I find as I get older, I'm just as content to have no radio on at all.