Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'd like to imagine I'd have something more meaningful to say following nearly a month hiatus. However, in the wee hours of this morning, when I wsa obviously still flying high from the soy latte I foolishly drank around 9pm last night, random thoughts began flying around my head, prompting a "WTH?!" thought-bubble after each one. And in keeping with some of my blog peeps' crafty, witty ways, I decided to christen today as "WTH?! WEDNESDAY." My own entry is as follows:

  • My cell phone rang somewhere around 3-4a.m. No one was there when I answered, so I hung up. That call was immediately followed by another, in which some girl demanded, "Do you know somebody named Julius?! I went from zero to bitch in 1.3 seconds and told her she had the wrong number. Jeff said I should have told her, "He's sleeping right now..." However, I wasn't in the mood to start trouble and almost guarantee that somewhere, poor Julius would be getting his ass kicked promptly.

Feel free to contribute your own "WTH?! WEDNESDAY" offering in the comments. I haven't yet figured out if there will be a prize, or what said prize could possibly be, but there's got to be something for putting up with rampant insanity and stupid people.

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Lindy said...

OMG....this is perfect.

I went to one middle school, only to find out that my SD's meet was changed (I was never informed) and the meet was actually at a different middle school, another 30 minutes away. I had 15 minutes to get there before the meet started. WTH, Wednesday.

So I decide to pick up my SS from his practice instead so he doesn't have to walk home. I text him to tell him I'm on my way and he texts me back 20 minutes later saying he got a ride home. At that point I was already sitting in the school's parking lot waiting for him. WTH, Wednesday.