Saturday, September 11, 2010

One in the W column...

Jack, #3 (on the right) Charlie, #6, at QB... ready for the snap

So, I've landed with both feet firmly planted in football season. There's just something about the chill in the air (minus the drizzle) and the sound of ref's whistles. I love it. And, despite some early season drama with the boys, during which they were considering chucking football for baseball, their season opener was fabulous -- a 26-6 win. Charlie scored two touchdowns, and Jack ran the ball quite a bit. (Missed a TD for himself after an opponent decided to trip, rather than tackle him. (And nothing was called?! WTH?!)
Here's looking forward to a great season!


Lindy said...

Woo hoo!!

Also think it's humorous that your last post started with WTH?! and this post ended with WTH?!.


Rebecca Cameron said...

I'm all about the "WTH?!"

Amy said...

My Charlie played football this year. Don't tell him, but I miss watching him play soccer.