Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Whassup, Dog?!

So, tonight, I looked at poor Buddy, our dog, and realized someone needed a good brushing.

Thirty minutes later, it looked like a dog exploded in our front yard. I was tempted to take a photo of the massive amounts of undercoat fur piled up, but it would simply cement my status as Worst Pet Owner of the Year.

Who would have thought one medium-sized dog could hold THAT much undercoat? And, if there was any doubt as to my assessment of the situation (it looking like the dog exploded), Jeff returned from the store, stepped out of the van and said, "Wow. Looks like the dog exploded."


Dear Buddy,

I am so sorry for making you sit through summer thus far with the equivalent of three fur coats on. Brushing you isn't a huge chore, but somehow we all end up "too busy" to do it. Therefore, you have my word -- from here on out -- you will get brushed regularly, ending the sweltering madness you have experienced lately.

Much love, Mom

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Lindy said...

We make R brush Barney. She likes it and I love not having to do it. Win-Win.