Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer, so far... in 24 Frames

Mama Robin in our crabapple tree. She had a nest-full of babies to protect and feed. We were privileged to have watched the entire process. Best memory? The morning she took on -- and defeated -- two squirrels trying to climb HER tree. Lesson learned? Never, ever screw with a mom protecting her babies. You. Will. Lose.

His brother's keeper... Jack watching Charlie at bat.

Charlie at third,... waiting to cross the plate.

Sam at bat -- the lankiest, eight-year-old powerhouse I've ever seen.

Game rained out.

Nothing better in life than a push from a big brother.

No matter how grown up you feel at age 8, there's still room for swinging on a hot afternoon.

Or, when you're 10-going-on 11...

It turns out there IS something better than a push from a big brother... when he comes around and gives you a kiss each time you reach him.

Rare moment of peace...

Life lessons at the park: Sometimes in life you have to run up a hill...

...and most times it's easy to come back down. But even in the easy times, you may fall...

...and see others do the same...

...and sometimes it's OK to be the "last man standing."

There are times when you need to see things from a new perspective... different than what they usually are... (p.s.--it's a bike rack)

There's always room to learn -- even on summer break. We tried the "Mentos & Coke" experiment. Drop about six Mentos in a 2-l of Coke, stand back and watch the eruption. (I promise the "eruption" was higher and more dramatic, but I was too busy watching and forgot to snap a photo at maximum height.)

We had a great celebration. Congratulations, Tyler... graduating with high honors is a huge accomplishment.

Father's Day morning... having coffee and reading the paper, enjoying the start of a beautiful day.

Nothing says "I love you" and "You're the best dad" better than FIRE. The other part of Jeff's gift was a bag full of graham crackers, marshmallows and Hershey bars.

A great night for roasting marshmallows. Or charring. Whichever you prefer.

Mmmmmm. S'mores.

Our neighborhood hosts an annual Family Fun Fest right before the 4th of July holiday. The entire weekend is full of parties, swimming and family-friendly events. It screams "summer." Here are Bobby and Daddy as we wait for the fireworks show over the golf course.

The summer night sky, waiting...

Ooooooh,... aahhhhh....

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Lindy said...

I call BS. I couldn't come so you snap a pic of a smore and post it exactly where you'd know I would see it. Not cool.