Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Over the rainbow...

Last night, on an evening walk with Jeff and Buddy-dog, we were treated to this natural wonder. The monsoon that had moved through our area earlier teamed up with a determined sunset, and BINGO: a rainbow. I don't remember the last time I saw a rainbow. It was a lovely way to end a lovely day. I only wish I'd had my good camera, rather than just the one on my phone.

This week, in addition to plodding through our list of "things to do before Tyler's graduation," I fully intend to enjoy some summer fun with the three (two 10-y.o.'s and 8-y.o.) who are already out of school for the summer. We'll probably hit the pool on the hot, sunny days... and visit the library or go on a field-trip adventure on the rainy days. Good times.

In the week that the three boys have been out of school, it feels like we've already packed in a summer's worth of fun. The two older boys attended football camp at the high school, loving every last stinkin' minute of it. On the last day, they participated in a Punt, Pass & Kick competition -- Jack and Charlie placed first and fourth, respectively, in their age group. We then immediately shuttled over to the baseball field to join their game already in progress. Sam was also playing that night, and his team held the opposing team scoreless. Charlie pitched a wonderful game, and Jack ended up with a triple-turned-grand-slam-home-run. With all the running and sports, paired with using a lot of our daylight hours for yard projects and an impromptu overnight trip to visit my parents... it made for a long -- yet very fulfilling -- week.

Seeing that rainbow last night made me think of "finding the pot-o-gold" at the end of it, like my friends and I always tried to do when we were kids. We knew there wasn't a real treasure at the end of the rainbow, but we always wanted to see what we would find there anyway. The thing is, we could never really find the end of the rainbow. It wasn't like we rode our bikes and eventually found bright, vibrant rainbow colors splashed all over the grass. Last night as we walked the edge of the golf course, I wondered what we might find at the end of that rainbow. Then we rounded the corner of the sidewalk adjacent to the open common area behind our house where Jack, Charlie, Sam and their friend were playing baseball. We headed through our back yard to the house where Kate was studying and Bobby was already asleep. (Tyler was at work, otherwise he'd have been home as well.) It occurred to me that it didn't matter where that rainbow "ended"... we really had the best treasure of all right there where we stood at the end of our rainbow.

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Lindy said...

Love that your rainbow post is immediately following your pile o' laundry post. :)