Friday, June 18, 2010

18 days...

...since I last sat down and said anything. Seriously?! Everyone has probably given up on me. (What? Like all six of you have other things to do than wait for me to blog?) :)

Started back working full time on June 7, after nearly a year off -- not by choice, remember. It's taken almost all of these two weeks for me to get back into the mindset of being a working mom again. The excitement of the new job has almost completely shadowed the sadness I feel at missing "summer" with the kids. I know we'll have fun, but this first segment has been crazy -- two weeks of getting the house/yard ready for Tyler's graduation party for starters. Then there was actual graduation weekend and party last weekend. This weekend? When Jeff is working tomorrow? Bobby and I are laying low... nowhere to go...nowhere we have to be. Just hanging out.

I think we may take a nice, long walk around the neighborhood. Maybe I'll even remember to take my camera and get back into photography. Now that I'm an official breadwinner in the family, I feel like I can "goof off" every now and then. And I have a husband who is wonderful enough to let me. :) (Especially since he's now "Mr. Mom" two out of every three days.)

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Anonymous said...

There are actually 8 of us, you know. Not 6.