Tuesday, December 22, 2009

'Tis the season...

...to feel stressed.
...to get frazzled.
...to warmly embrace all the craziness that IS my life.

Time check: 11:53pm

The four youngest are asleep upstairs. I am in the kitchen, which appears to have had a cyclone strike it. In the den, two separate video game systems are idling while Tyler, Kate and friends are either walking to or walking home from another friend's house in the neighborhood. (This guy stood them up tonight on "Game Night at the Cameron's" I think. I pity the fool...) Jeff is checking out at Meijer, taking full advantage of their "Santa Bucks" promotion which ends at midnight.

Ordinarily, by this hour, I'd be all snuggled in my bed -- or somehow sleeping in an upright position, wherever I may be. Owing all this chaos to the impending holiday, I will let this breach of bedtime slide. This time.

Tomorrow, Jeff and I will rise with Bobby sometime between 6-7am. The great and powerful Oz of a coffeemaker we own will have a full pot of Starbuck's Verona ready and waiting. There will probably still be homemade play-dough in baggies on the counter. There will also probably still be a vast array of cups and paper plates scattered here and there. And there will definitely be a few crashed out teenagers sprawled out in the den.

As a person who loves organization and having things "just so," the upheaval of things is starting to make me itch a little. But I am breathing deeply... and just letting things BE. I have to be OK with it -- simply because being itchy about it will make me jackass crazy. Quickly.

The day after tomorrow -- Christmas Eve -- my parents will be rolling into town, weather permitting. That part cracks me up... "weather permitting." You know, I almost expect more from two people who lived a majority of their lives in western NY, dealing with lake effect snow/blizzards off Lake Erie and then proceeded to ridicule the drivers in South Carolina for freaking out when it snowed a quarter inch. (Yes, Mom & Dad... I'm talking to YOU. I know you read this blog.) :)

So, now... at 12:16am, all the kids are back. Jeff has returned with a few more Christmas gifts and we need to map our plan of attack for tomorrow.

Fa. La. La. La. La.
La. La.

1 comment:

Lindy said...

I woke up to two girls laying in my living room - with the TV on.

I'm just jackass crazy enough for that to piss me off. My TV, the "good" TV was on ALL night long.

I know what you mean when you say having things "just so."