Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Silent Night, Holy.. hell is breaking loose

The four youngest children and I were all in the car last night. Jack and Charlie were playing Nintendo DS games, commenting on every last move. Sam was also playing a DS, yet still had it in him to carry on lengthy conversations/arguments with both brothers and myself. Constantly. Bobby fussed and cried the entire time, most likely due to a teething issue.

Somewhere along the way, I decided it would be a great idea to turn on the radio and enjoy some very early holiday music. Yes. Holiday music. There are two local stations that have currently replaced their usual playlist with an endless cavalcade of holiday tunes. One station boasts being "Fort Wayne's First Official Holiday Music Station." Well, naturally... when you begin playing Christmas carols in the first week of November, you're bound to be first.

But I digress...

About two-thirds into our trip, the noise level was nearly deafening. Between the chatter, video games and Bobby's intermittent wailing, I could hardly hear myself think, let alone the song on the radio. But in a rare moment, a pause in the chaos... I nearly laughed out loud when I did hear the song being played:

"Silent Night" sung by the legendary Frank Sinatra.

Dear, sweet, dearly departed Mr. Sinatra... you have obviously never been in my car-full-o-children.

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