Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What I want to be when I grow up

Regardless of my educational background, apparently CareerBuilder.com feels I am qualified to sell cars, rent cars or take care of patients in the ICU.


Just received an email from CareerBuilder.com in which they match me with jobs I may want to pursue. According to the job search yentas they employ, I not only have the automotive gig down, as well as caring for Code Blue patients but being a nursing supervisor, physical therapist or a dental assistant instructor.

Wow. And with just a little ol' degree in public/corporate communications. They must assume the Liberal Arts program at Butler was way liberal. As in "choose-your-own-career-despite-proper-education" liberal.

And, if the education I received in college isn't suiting me, apparently there are plenty of opportunities for training through the U.S. Army.

No wonder I can't find a job. I have grossly neglected pursuing a career in the medical profession of my choice AND missed out on valuable Army training.


Lindy said...


This is great news. So, with no degree, I can be a doctor? Score!!!

I told Ryan I'd be his sugar-mama.

Stacy said...

In high school I took a career test. Like you, it was determined that the Army would be a solid choice for me.

They also said I'd make a great funeral home director.

What to do? What to do?

Jennifer Cameron said...

I took one of those tests once and it determined I should be a roller skating rink manager! THAT was a proud moment...