Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Princes of Charming

So, last week sometime, we were driving and I happened to turn on the radio. We usually don't have it on. I like to keep the air open for conversation with the boys. Until they begin bickering and fighting. Then the radio comes on as a diversion. And to drown out the bickering.

When I hit the button, Miley Cyrus came blaring out of the speakers, and my fingers couldn't hit the "seek" button fast enough. As the station changed, Charlie piped up, "Hey, Mom... could you turn that back please?"

I cringed. It isn't that the song is bad; I've just had enough Miley Cyrus. I hadn't realized the boys were all that current on music, so I asked if he was serious or being sarcastic. These are MY kids, you know. He was, indeed, serious, so I got the station back.

Me: So, you guys like Miley Cyrus now?

Charlie (grinning): Yeah. She's sexy! (Of course, given his personality and knack for cutting up, he pronounced it "sassy.")

When I recovered from hearing my nearly-10-year-old use the word "sexy" correctly in a sentence, I couldn't help but laugh.

Then Jack chimed in with, "Yeah, and Selena Gomez is HHHHHOT!" (For those of you out of the DisneyChannel loop, she is a young actress starring on "The Wizards of Waverly Place." Cute show. Cute girl. It's all good.)

It took a minute for it to sink in, but Jack and Charlie seem to have officially left behind the "girls have cooties" phase. They clearly recognize female beauty -- although I took issue with use of "sexy" and "hot" at this age. I asked that they use "cute" or "pretty." Is that too much? Am I overreacting?

I began thinking of them as teenagers in a few years, becoming way involved in the girlfriend thing. I hope (when the time comes) they will have been listening to what Jeff and I teach them about being thoughtful, respectful and considerate when it comes to relating to the opposite sex.

Then one of them probably burped or farted, which was followed by gales of laughter. Yes, there are my two charming boys.

Stand back, girls, and form a line.


Lindy said...

Is it bad that I point out "hot" girls to my stepson? And then also point out the ones that check him out.....

We are in trouble.

Have to admit though, Miley Cyrus has a couple of good songs. :)

Jennifer Cameron said...

Ethan has a thing for Demi Lovato now. So I guess between our 3 tweeners, we got the 3 main chics on Disney Channel paired up.