Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The one in which I breathe again...

Feeling a lot like I'm coming up for air. Busy end of the school year -- these last 10 days have felt like 10 weeks. And I'm feeling it, too. This morning, rather than remain vigilant in my "homemade lunches are better than school lunches" crusade, I sighed, mumbled "screw it" and shelled out money for a school lunch. Hey, it's the last day. It can't be that bad. The boys will be eating homemade lunches all summer.

Speaking of summer, I am very much looking forward to having a definite work/play schedule: working full days when Jeff is home with the kiddos, and staying at home myself when he works. And if we can get Bobby some adequate portable shade, we'll be all set for the pool. Also looking forward to some fun trips and activities, too. :) Wheeeeeee!

Bobby officially celebrated 3-months yesterday. It was just him and I at home, and he spent a majority of the day napping and making up for lost sleepy time on Sunday. He is really beginning to interact more, and will absolutely light up a room with his broad, toothless grin. And those dimples! I could just gobble him up when he flashes them. :)

Among my various projects and items on the "TO DO" list, is getting my iPod loaded with a cache of running tunes. I also need to learn how to use my new Garmin toy -- with GPS! (My Mother's Day gift from Wonderful Husband Jeff and the family.) Of course, both tasks are necessary for me to resume training. Something else I'm having to begin from square one again. Of course, I could simply lace up my shoes and go, but it would be dreadfully boring without music, and without the GPS, who knows where I may end up? :)

There are about a million-and-one things I would love to mention, but time is working against me. Can you imagine the horror the boys would experience if I wasn't ready and waiting at school to pick them up on the last day?! For them to have to loiter one minute longer than absolutely necessary on school property?!

Back soon....


Amy said...

This is the first summer in my 12 years as a mom that I am working full-time. Kind of bites. Glad for the $$, etc. but I'd much rather be poolside! Enjoy your time.

Lindy said...

Ahhhh! Last day of school - brings horror and joy to parents all over the free world.

But I must say, not having to get Emily up this morning and get her ready was awe-some.