Friday, June 5, 2009

I got myself out of bed this morning to run.

Yes, you heard me.

Once my alarm went off, the urge to go back to sleep was overwhelming. But then Jeff said, "Gmmph, mpphhgph. Guh mmph mmphuhh." Which, when your face is not buried in your pillow, translates to, "Go running. You'll feel better." (Guess SOMEBODY has had enough of my incessant bitching and moaning about how out of shape I feel.) I got up, got dressed in my much-loved running skirt*, laced up my shoes and off I went. I even got to use my new toy: a Garmin training watch. It is, in a word, SUH-WEEEET.

So, I'm all about enforcing my self-imposed ban on sugar, eating healthier foods, yadda, yadda, yadda. Then I get THIS in my email:

It's an ad from our local gourmet chocolatier, DeBrand's, announcing their "chocolate-dipped strawberries are available for a limited time."

So,... is it still considered eating a serving of fruit if it's dipped in chocolate?

*Because sometimes it's more about how good you look, than how far you run! :)


Lindy said... long as the girls and locked and loaded and SECURE (we've all witnessed those ladies that don't think sports bras apply to them) it is all about looking good!

And fruit dipped in cheese/chocolate/whipped cream/caramel etc....totally counts.

Jennifer Cameron said...

I picked up a couple of these dipped strawberries today. I will think of your sugar ban as I eat them. Try not to be jealous that I am on the opposite end of sugar ban. And no, you are not allowed to come over tonight. haha!