Thursday, June 11, 2009


Sometimes you just need a little Niecy Nash.

If you know not of whom I speak, you can find her hosting Clean House on TLC or on Comedy Central's "Reno 911," where she plays Raineesha Williams. While "Reno" has it's irreverent comedy merits, I prefer seeing her on Clean House, since that's where her personality absolutely shines.

There's just something about the way she'll glance at the camera when faced with some hopeless family who has literally disabled itself due to the clutter in their home. Niecy calls this, "mayhem and foolishness."

Amen, Sister.

Watching her and the Clean House crew take a family from a hopeless disaster to the hopeful promise of a new beginning is inspirational. And when necessary, she'll gently address delicate situations -- loss of a loved one mostly -- and remind people that they need to honor the loved one's memory by living the best life possible.

But mostly? She listens to lame excuses for why there are rabbits roaming (and pooping) freely in the master bedroom or how the kitchen has no counter space or running water (!!!) and gives them an emphatic, "Mmmmm-hmmmmm." Because you know inside she's got to be thinking, Thank you Jesus that they're paying me good money to get these hoarder-freaks squared away, and NO HE DID NOT just argue with me about keeping a mason jar full of teeth that came out of his very own mouth..."

So when you feel like you've met your personal daily quota for encountering idiots ... people who make you want to rip your hair out and scream ... get yourself to a television and catch an episode of Clean House. Hopefully Niecy will be there in all her glory. Don't bother to sit through the show if either of the two step-in hosts are on. You won't get the full effect.

God bless you Niecy, for cutting through all the mayhem and foolishness.


Lindy said...

I love "the look" she gives the camera.

My favorite by far...."am I looking at live monkeys!"

tim said...

Kari and I LOVE Clean House. It gives us the peace of knowing that it could be a lot worse, and the dishes will be OK in the sink one more night.