Friday, June 12, 2009

Effective immediately, we will be imposing a PITA Tax. (Pain In The Ass Tax)

The next time someone is whining incessantly about something insignificant ... hit the offender with the PITA Tax. Or if someone is driving you insane using all means they have available, ... tax them. For example...

Slow driver in front of you? PITA Tax.

Customer ahead of you at Starbuck's asking the barista for his/her opinion on what each and every coffee drink tastes like? PITA Tax. (Hint: They all pretty much taste like coffee. Hence the name, "coffee drink.")

Jackass on his/her cell phone speaking loudly about personal matters? In public? PITA Tax.

Same jackass speaking just as loudly in the movie theater? PITA Tax. (And I think you get to give them a free smack upside the head, too.)

It's time we benefit from the annoyance provided by others. No longer will they shred our patience or tap-dance on our very last nerve. You annoy me or make my life a living hell? I'm going to tax you. Then I'm going to take the money and go buy myself something nice.

Or pay bills.

Probably both.

Have a delightful day. Now, go forth and TAX someone! :)

1 comment:

Lindy said...

I'm going to be rich.