Friday, June 26, 2009

It ain't easy being green... or the little brother...

Dear Sam,

I know there are days when it isn't easy being the little brother.

And having two older brothers who are twins has got to be a little rough, too. They often get a smidge more attention from others simply because there are two of them -- and I'm sure you might think it's unfair sometimes. They are older and bigger, so they get to do certain things first. That's something you're always going to have to live with, but it doesn't take away from the special things you do, too... all in time.

It may feel like you live in their shadows, but you don't. Not in my eyes. Or my heart. You have a place all your own. A place that's been yours and yours alone since the day you were born. When you were a small, bald, wrinkly newborn, Jack and Charlie called you our "tiny, little gentleman." And you know they chose your name from their favorite Dr. Seuss book at the time, "Green Eggs and Ham." Their small world at two-and-a-half years old revolved around you. I know there are days now, when they might not treat you very well, and that makes you sad. It makes me sad, too. I don't like seeing them exclude you from anything, or pick on you as brothers are apt to do. But you have to know this: Jack and Charlie love you. They probably wouldn't admit it, nor would you, but I know you three love each other very much.

My hope is that someday the three of you will be very close and the best of friends, as well as being brothers -- just like Jeff and James are. For now, though, there will be days when you're going to have to tough it out, and I will always be there to help you in any way I can. From playing a game of Uno to just hanging out watching SpongeBob, I will be there. God didn't give you a twin like He did with Jack and Charlie, but He gave you a wonderful, outgoing personality and a crazy sense of humor that will give you many great friendships in your life.

Being the little brother sure isn't easy some days -- you know this very well. And in a few years when Bobby is running around, getting into your stuff and bugging you, remember that you were once the little brother, and go easy on him. You are already a fantastic big brother to Bobby, and he is a very lucky baby to have a big brother love him as much as you do.

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Lindy said...

This is an awesome post. And boy, does Sam look like you or what!!!

He's such an awesome young man with an incredible heart. Well done Mom!