Monday, June 22, 2009

How cool is that?

So, last Thursday when Jeff was working, the crew decided to try something new and play sand volleyball at the church across the street from the station. (Kidding. They pretty much always do that unless they're on a run or it's raining. And it has to be coming down hard, too.) We stopped out to bring Jeff some shorts and watch for a while. We've done this before, and the boys watch for about 10-15 minutes before the novelty wears off and they start getting on each other's nerves or fighting. Or both.

This night, however, the men of station 14 extended an invitation to the boys to join them for a game. How cool is that? And how cool are they for doing so? Very. So, there's Charlie and Sam on the far court with Jeff, while Jack, Brian Fairchild and Marty Luecker and the Chief played opposite. (Apologies for the poor photo quality. Had to use my phone. Of all times to NOT have my camera with me!)

Keep in mind, right before they went out there, I gave the boys the CliffNotes version of how to hit a volleyball. Correctly. Because some of the hits the guys use? Not so legal in a real volleyball match. I taught them the basics: bump, set and spike. I'm sure not much has changed since I played on the eighth grade team, so I was pretty confident they could give it a legitimate shot out there. And they did a fabulous job. Jack dove for just about everything that came his way. Their serves were great -- over the net consistently -- amazingly from their lean, "pipe-cleaner" arms.

The boys finished the game beaming and feeling like they had moved up a little in the world. They had been hangin' with the big boys, and did so proudly.

And how cool is that?

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Lindy said...

That was really nice of them to ask the boys to play!