Monday, May 18, 2009

Random points

So many little things to comment on...

Washing machine update: So, after last week's post about the washer going belly-up, imagine my surprise when Jeff actually had it running the next day. Apparently the motor had overheated and it simply needed a little cool down time. Saturday, however, after Tyler put in a load of clothes, the machine (apparently more distraught than I thought) took another suicide attempt. Unfortunately, this time she succeeded. We went out yesterday afternoon, bit the bullet and purchased a new washer/dryer from the Whirlpool Duet line. It's crazy-insane that I will have a washing machine that can wash a queen-size comforter. I even doubted the salesperson, because when she told me that little factoid, I found it necessary to actually stick my head inside the drum and assess the space. I sooo need to get out more.

Plea for help: I have to admit I've been troubled for the last week. The cross Bobby received from his godmother at his baptism last week has vanished. I distinctly remember taking it off him Sunday night as we sat on the sofa. That is the last I remember seeing it. Of course, I've searched and re-searched through the sofa cushions (finding an alarming amount of food-stuff down in the crevices... eeww). I've searched the entire house, even in places it couldn't possibly be... just in case. I'm just sick about it. I could easily just go buy another cross, but since I'm way big on the sentimental value of things, I really want to find that one. It has GOT to be somewhere in the house, and it's killing me not knowing where it is. I even found the St. Anthony (patron saint of things lost) prayer and have been chanting it like my own personal mantra for the past several days. ("St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please come around. Something's been lost and cannot be found.") I would gladly forfeit finding my missing iPod shuffle for the safe return of Bobby's cross. Anyone even remotely spiritual/religious who wants to send a shout out to St. Anthony for me, I'd be eternally grateful.

"Doubt": Anyone seen this movie? If you have, please explain the ending to me. If you haven't, dont, unless you can handle a disappointing ending. Obviously, I don't handle disappointment well.

And, finally...
Embrace the awkwardness: I heard about a hilarious website, If you've ever had an "awkward phase," or enjoy the awkwardness of others, you've got to check it out.

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