Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9: The People Who "Get" It

Last night, I took Bobby with me to a church service. This was his second trip there, but some people still hadn't seen him yet. Following the service, we had a Lenten potluck dinner. By now, I've re-familiarized myself with eating with one hand while holding a baby. I admit,... I can be fairly good at it, and I've only dropped food on the baby a couple of times. So, sitting down at the table with food and baby in tow is no big deal for me.

Within a minute or so, Mrs. Choker (one of my favorite grandmotherly ladies) came over and asked if she could hold the baby so I could eat. I certainly didn't want to take her away from enjoying her own meal, but she smiled and insisted, "Let me hold the baby."

OK. I get it.

Ordinarily, a new mother might have hesitated. I, on the other hand, knew no danger would befall my little bundle. And it was clear Mrs. Choker was looking for a "baby fix."

After a minute of so, I looked over, and there she was, eating her own dinner with one hand while holding a sleeping Bobby in her other arm. A bit later, I saw her up and around, chatting with a few people. I thought she may need to attend to some things, so I approached and offered to take Bobby back. It was clear he was no problem, and she enjoyed holding him. I was also told how another woman asked, "Oh, is she letting everyone hold the baby?" Mrs. Choker smiled sweetly and plainly answered, "No. But I can show him to you." At this, she leaned forward ever so slightly to let the person peek at Bobby's face, framed between his beanie cap and the blanket.

OK. She gets it.

She knew darn well I wasn't keen on a game of "Pass the Baby," and like a sentry on watch, she wasn't about to let that happen.

This is why Mrs. Choker is one of my favorites. :)

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Lindy said...

Don't be dropping food on the baby...that's just a waste! :)