Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hi! Remember me?!

For the four or so people who actually read this blog, HELLO THERE! IT'S ME! REMEMBER ME? THE PERSON WHO USED TO WRITE THIS BLOG??

It's been so long. Too long. I'm guilty of letting life get in the way of, ... well, everything.

So, I'm using February 4 as something of a "turn over a new leaf" day. Which is sort of sad when you consider some people haven't even abandoned their New Year's resolutions yet. I wish I could say I've had some marvelously interesting, exciting new "something" that's been keeping me from writing. Nope. Just staying afloat between work and home -- trying to stay one step ahead of things. Maybe I'm simply anticipating being out of commission for a few weeks after 03/14 (which is officially "BABY DAY 2009," unless he has another plan in mind to make an early debut). I know I will be doing nothing except healing, nursing, sleeping, eating, ... healing, nursing, sleeping, eating,... and so on. Perhaps I'm trying to both mentally and physically prepare for the required "down time." Who knows. All I know is that my intentions have been fully-geared to writing every day, even if it doesn't actually get done.

It's difficult to keep a firm grasp on the bigger picture when some days the small details start to obscure the view. I'm guilty of getting mired down with small worries (and some big ones) when this is supposed to be one of the happiest times to experience. I need to remember to focus on the facts: I have a wonderful husband who is there for me in so many ways with his love and support ... we have a beautiful family of five wonderful kids and we're ready to welcome one more ... we (along with our extended family) are healthy and happy ... we live within our means, making every attempt to find a way to enjoy perks within our financial boundaries ... I am blessed to have a few very close friends -- women who have shown me what true friendship is, and I hope I am returning the same to them.

Yes,... focus on the facts. See the big picture. Know that it's all good, and don't dwell on the problems. They will be resolved without the benefit of worrying.

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Lindy said...

From one worrier (is that even a word) to another....good luck! I pray for you, your family and the new baby daily and hope that you feel the vibes. :)