Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby, It's Cold outsi-- ... oh, forget it...

With the temps here in Indiana dipping well into the sub-zero range (and by dipping, I mean ABSURDLY to, like, -16 degrees with a wind chill past -30) the song/phrase, "Baby, It's Cold Outside" has been more than abused. It has become an understatement, but to my knowledge, I don't think anyone ever recorded, "Baby, It's Colder Than You Can Even Imagine in Your Worst Winter Nightmare Outside."

School has been canceled today for that exact reason -- it's simply too cold for everyone to be out commuting safely. All five kids will be home today. At this point, in the early, almost-sunrise hour as I sip my mug of half-coffee/half-soy milk, I have genuine hope for a good day. I even gave the two 9-year-olds the pep talk last night about how I'm growing tired of the endless bickering and squabbling. "Can't we just have fun? Especially if school is canceled tomorrow? Don't you think a day of fun beats a day of being reprimanded for fighting?" They answered "yes," but I think we all know everything's up for grabs from here on out. I do have leverage today, though: a birthday party tonight for the boy next door. They want to go. I want a semi-peaceful day. Notice I said "semi-peaceful," not "blissful" or "delusionally harmonious." I know their limits, and I'm sure they know mine. We'll see how this all pans out.

The one child I KNOW will behave himself has yet to meet us all face to face. According to my weekly email updates from The Bump (you've gotta love that name!) the baby is now packing on his "fatty layer" and his energy level is increasing. Really? All sarcasm aside, I seriously don't remember this kind of movement from prior pregnancies. Well, since the first was twins, they probably didn't have much room for fidgeting. But Sam had all the room he could ask for in there, and I honestly don't remember him moving like this baby does. Based on Sam's everyday antsy-ness, I think he was just banking his movement to share with the world. This baby ... well, he's a mover. And, since I live with Sci-Fi fans, regular references to "Alien" and the scene where the hideous alien rips its way out of the guy's stomach are commonplace. Precious image, no?

Bundle up and stay warm!


Lindy said...

Good luck today!

stacy said...

I also hope your day goes well.