Wednesday, January 7, 2009

But there's barely any ice!!

We have just suffered through... uh, I mean enjoyed two weeks off from school for Christmas break. The high school kids went back Monday. The three in elementary were off for "Records Day,"which I think is school administration code for having a "Let's See Which Mom Snaps First" contest.
Tuesday was a great day at school, reconnecting with friends, getting back into the groove. My first grader was elated because they had their classroom holiday party, which everyone missed due to school being canceled the last day before break because of the ice storm.
We had a Winter Weather Advisory last night, with a smattering of freezing rain and some flurries. I peeked through the blinds this morning, and even in the pitch-darkness of 5:40am, I could tell there was nothing new on the ground. A little voice in my head told me to turn on the TV and check for any slick road-related delay. "Nah... couldn't be," I thought, and headed to the shower. Shortly thereafter, when I did happen to turn on the news, I was greeted by the ever-familiar banner across the bottom of the screen, listing school after school on a 2-hour delay. OK, with the kids on a delay, granted I start the work day later, but can salvage some time and be productive. Plus, I get to sleep another hour-and-a-half. Bonus!
As Jeff left for work at 6:30, I snuggled back into the toasty flannel sheets with my alarm set for 7:50. Funny how a lot can happen in barely 90 minutes. I woke from my bonus nap to see school had been canceled.
Of course, the kids were thrilled and celebrated with a variety of shimmies and jigs.
I regrouped the day's plan, figuring out how to make the most of the day off, as well as trying to conjure up some fun diversions.
When Sam (6/almost-7) and I left the house for the office, I noticed only the thinnest veil of ice on the van windows.
"What?! You've got to be kidding me! They canceled school for THIS MUCH ICE?!?!" I said to no one but the bare tree next to the driveway -- Sam was already in the car playing his GameBoy.
So, here we are. The afternoon is still a wee pup, but I've already made it to work, accomplished some things and brought work home and made grilled cheese and tomato soup for the kids' lunch.
Once kitchen clean-up is done, I'm sure someone will whine that there's "nothing to do," even though the Christmas gifts are barely two weeks old. Maybe we'll bake brownies ... or chocolate chip cookies. Either will be a crowd-pleaser, I'm sure.
As I noticed on one of my favorite blogger's posts today ( she mentioned being asked by her 4-year-old to read him a book, even though she had her own things to do. She sighed and agreed, probably knowing full well it was one of those moments I have quite often. The ones where you focus so much on your own "To Do" list, that it's easy to forget the kids often just want a few minutes of your time. Yes, I have an article to finish up and an editorial meeting tomorrow to plan for ... but I know if I get all cranky and pass up an hour or so to hang out with the kids and bake some cookies, I'll regret it someday. Maybe even sooner than later -- I mean, there's a baby coming in 10 weeks or less. Talk about our lives being turned upside down! The time I give to them today won't necessarily make up for shuffling things around in the coming months, but they'll know for sure their mom will give them the time she has whenever possible.

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