Friday, January 9, 2009

Buddha's got nothin' on me

I believe I have officially arrived at the point of pregnancy where people want to touch my stomach. I know many moms who have strong feelings either for or against letting people rub their tummies much like asking Buddha for a bit of good luck. Many are very protective of their personal space and do not take kindly to the practice. Still, others don't seem to mind a bit, and even shamelessly shove their protruding waistlines into others' business and announce, "The baby's moving!"

I tend to fall into both categories, depending on where I am and whose company I'm in. If I'm, say, at the mall and a store clerk or random shopper were to approach me asking to feel my stomach, I'd have to bow out as gracefully as possible, no matter how kindly and innocent their request may seem. On the other hand, if we're at home and I'm feeling him kick, poke and roll around, I'm very likely to grab the hand of the closest person, plaster it to my belly and ask, "Did you feel THAT one?" I will admit here and now, that I've caught myself staring at my own swollen abdomen as the little guy rolls back and forth. I realize this is my final pregnancy, and I guess I just want to register and remember every little detail.

The other day, when I realized I was approaching week #30 it hit me -- we are going to have a newborn in 10 weeks or less! And, for once, it wasn't the lack of preparation that stopped me in my tracks. It was the realization that this, my final pregnancy, will be over in a short time. It kind of made me sad ... despite the two solid months of non-stop queasiness, breathlessness, the lone varicose vein with a personality all its own, itchy skin and various aches & pains. Granted, we'll have this wonderful blessing of a child, live and in person in exchange for the pregnancy -- but it's still bittersweet to give up that one-of-a-kind experience of carrying a baby...

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