Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Time Flies...

Where in the world has the time gone? My intentions of posting since the last one Oct. 1 have been there ... just kept getting sidetracked, distracted, etc. Go figure.

The two 9-year-olds started hockey recently, adding a practice to their weekly hockey time commitment. Another new element: early morning games. As in 7:45am on Saturday games. As in get-out-of-bed-and-be-in-the-moving-car-by-7am-to-be-at-the-rink-by-7:15-and-getting-dressed games. Good times. As we backed out of the driveway this past Saturday, one of the boys observed, "Hey, it's still dark out." My response? "Well, Sweetheart, get used to it, because you're doing this until the end of February, you know." Apparently my maternal sweetness doesn't kick in until 8am or until I've had my first full cup of coffee -- neither of which had happened at that point. At least I called him "Sweetheart."

In baby news, the little man (a.k.a., "Little Bubby" as his big brothers refer to him) has begun moving and kicking. The outward kicks are still barely detectable, but the shots to my tiny bladder are quite strong. More good times. I realized the other day that I will be 18 weeks along as of this Thursday. Wow. Another case of time passing quickly without really realizing it. Granted, not enough time has passed to completely forget the 6-8 weeks of nausea this little guy gave me... Still, though, it's strange to realize I'm almost halfway through this pregnancy. I met a friend at Starbuck's this past weekend, and as we chatted I noticed a couple come in with their small kids. The father was holding a baby boy, and suddenly it hit me. Oh, my... that's going to be ME in under six months! I just got used to being pregnant -- it somehow escaped my notice that the baby will actually come out at some point.

On a seasonal note, the boys and I hauled out the Halloween decorations the other night. There wasn't a lot in the two orange/black totes (conveniently color-coded for those of us who are organizationally challenged), but enough to give a little spooky spirit to the house. Sam (6) totally captured my heart that night. After dinner, I saw him lacing up his tennis shoes. "Where are you going?" I asked. He looked at me with those huge hazel eyes and looooooooong eyelashes and said very matter-of-factly, "Outside to decorate!" I had to remind him that decorating for Halloween wasn't like when we decorate for Christmas... when anything that doesn't run away from us gets either lights, a bow or a wreath attached to it. He looked a little disappointed for, maybe, five seconds; then he snapped the lid off a tote and began pulling out pumpkins and such. His big find was a headband with antennae topped off with little bats. He thought this was hilarious. So much so, he tried to get the dog to wear it yesterday. FYI, dogs don't necessarily enjoy wearing bat antennae headbands.

Today, we may (depending on the weather, now that fall seems to have returned) head out to an Amish farm to see what we can get -- corn stalks, Indian corn, gourds, mums, etc. I need/want to replace the dead mums on the front porch with something a bit more ... well, live. My first two attempts at owning mums failed because I neglected to water them. It wasn't blatant neglect; I just kept forgetting. I have promised myself that new mums will be dutifully watered and cared for. I know, I know... good luck with that. At least the group of six pumpkins sitting in the corner of the porch are still looking very much alive. I like a no-maintenance decoration.

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