Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The day in which I am caretaker, housekeeper and timid techno-geek; or how I cared for a post-op husband, youngest son and welcomed myself to Facebook for the second time.

Well, I did it. I managed to successfully (?) create a Facebook page for Back to Square One, and [gasp!] actually post a new blog. Honestly, I am still reeling. Imagine, ME! Tackling a techno-project and coming out on top! Or at least ahead...

I think the best part of accomplishing this epic task after four years is that I chose to do it on a day when I've got a husband upstairs recuperating from surgery to reattach a tendon in his arm, and our youngest (just one week away from turning 4) as my sidekick. I am seriously feeling like a rock star right now.

There aren't many days when I feel like I've actually crossed the finish line -- in my head, there are lists upon lists with too many "want to do" items than workable hours in the day. And, yes, I realize this pressure is self-imposed and put squarely on my own shoulders. This is all part of the charm of being me. I aspire to do much, and usually end up frustrated when I can't do it all. Same old story for so many moms. It's that cycle that causes periodic moments of feeling overwhelmed... when there are three different places I need to be at once. Or a guest room with no room for guests because of all the mayhem created by thinking it's a storage room. Or three sons (two teens, one tween) who realize at 6:30am that they are out of underwear. I simply need to stop and reel myself back in. Back to square one. Back to simplifying things and taking everything one step at a time.

So, today, as I revel in my "rock star" status for the moment (because, seriously, we all know I'll do something to cancel it out yet today) I will go forth and make lunch for my patient and my sidekick. And transfer the laundry. (Yes, I found clean underwear for the boys before they left for school.) And continue with the project I brought home from work until the kids get home from school and dinner is served and homework is checked and kids head to bed...

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