Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hostage Situation

OK. So I took the boys and Kate to pick up a few (SALE!) items for our upcoming vacation. The item of choice in the boys' department was athletic shorts. They each became strangely attached to a pair that they HAD. TO. HAVE. These kids aren't necessarily hurting for shorts, but considering I've started thinning the herd every time I do laundry (because I nix the wearing of stained/ripped clothing. Imagine!) it couldn't hurt to supplement by one more pair each. And, they were on sale. Winner-winner, chicken dinner.

Throughout the remainder of our shopping adventure, the boys seemed to take turns ramping up Bobby and getting him all riled to screeching level. In a good way, though. Still, heads were turning. When we arrived home and the boys were beside themselves to get into those COOL, NEW SHORTS, I said... "No."

They were appalled.

"What?!?! What do you mean we can't have them?!?!"

I told them that their behavior in public had been obnoxious -- borderline atrocious. They would receive the shorts when their behavior changed for the better.

That was Sunday. Today is Tuesday. They're still not wearing the shorts.

Yesterday and today have provided damn-near a smorgasbord of obnoxious behavior. Granted, the weather is making people do crazy things -- because 95-100 degrees in 100 percent humidity does that to people. Still, there are three boys in my house who need to recall how to get... and keep... themselves under control. Period.

I had a fleeting moment of self-doubt this afternoon, and asked Lindy if I had completely lost my mind, holding three pair of shorts hostage. Not only did she champion my cause, she even offered a few good points that will work nicely into my prepared speech the next time one of the boys asks, "When do we get our shorts?"

Does anyone else think I've lost it? Would you (or have you) held back something strange from the kids until they stepped up the behavior?

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