Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Despite Freddie Mercury absolutely spinning in his grave with my rendition of "We Are the Champions," I am proud to say Jack and Charlie's baseball team won their division tournament tonight. They won against the team that placed first in their division, with J&C's team placing second. It was an epic battle, ending with a score of 11-5 in our favor. It was a truly amazing game, played well by young men who have grown from simply a "group of boys" into a TEAM throughout this season.

It was worth all the cross-town treks for practices and games.
It was worth sitting on bleachers in hell-hot sun, sweating and frying my skin to a crisp.
It was worth getting drenched as we ran to the cars, after black skies ripped open and dumped on us.
It was worth all the 11pm loads of laundry to have uniforms clean for the next day's game.
It. Was. Worth. It.

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Lindy said...

Yah!!!!!!!! Way to go JC!!!